The easy Windows 8 book!

Are you upgrading your PC, or moving from Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, to a new Windows 8.1 PC or touch-screen tablet? Using step-by-step instructions, lots of screenshots, and a touch of humor, Windows expert Tim Fisher will cover Windows 8 personalization, app installation, email configuration, and more in this easy Windows 8 book. He’ll also walk you through dozens of must-have apps from the Windows Store, ranging from games to Microsoft Office!

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"As in Tim's newsletters, the writing style is clear, to the point and amusing!"

− Walter

"It was direct, to the point and it was easy to find what you might be looking for. Better than the other book I bought which was long-winded and hard to navigate. "

− WG

"This is a great get-started overview of the Windows 8 operating system."

− Steve

"Just the basics, as described."

− Richard

"I give this book a high rating because it explains everything of any importance to Windows 8 & does it all in only 93 pages!"

− Roberta

"Handy reference for those moments when you are stuck & need a quick hand."

− Jaken

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